Edo Kiriko Kobayashi

Edo Kiriko is traditional handicraft in Japan.In 1834(in the Edo period),Kyubei Kagaya started with engraving the surface of glassware with emery powder.This is said to be the origin of Edo Kiriko.
In 1881,the goverment employed Emmanuel Hauptmann from England in order to establish the connections with the Western style of engraving.

Then,Tokumatsu Ohashi,one of the craftsmen,also acquired the techniques from him.
After that,in 1908,Kikuichiro Kobayashi got Tokumatsu Ohashi's skill since he was 12 years old.This is the history of our company.
Since then, Edo Kiriko Kobayashi has inherited it's cut glass techniques and art from generation to generation.

1st Kikuichiro Kobayashi (1896-1963)
2nd Hideo Kobayashi (1923-2011)
3rd Yoshiro Kobayashi (1950-)
4th Kohei Kobayashi (1987-)